Ruined Dew

Dew was gone, rain ruined it.

 It was 04.30. The sky cried over. No dew at morning, even the sun had given up. Cell phone seemed unfriendly, rang over, played boring music, again and again. It was disturbing alarm. In contrary, the alarm itself much more helpful than became disturbing. Yeah, life made it confused.
Being freezed by the rain, had to face another freezing one. Taking shower shouldn’t be a pretty idea. But it was classic challenge. Option still option. Take it or leave.
Prayer finished. Another task waiting for. Rain still testing out there. Then this body must go at some point. It’s better doing hard thing for everyone than doing comfort thing just for self satisfaction.
Rain still cried along the road. Visual just one of hardest thing to do.
It was 06.45. the same sky showed the same cry. No sunshine. Thing just got little bit slow. The car, the time, the people. They faced the morning in slow motion because of the rain.
Then waiting
Still waiting
Over 07.30. No sign of seriousness. But it just another challenge. Everyone while waiting feel it anyway.
Time went off. Finally, the seriousness met the clarity. The trip should go in a minute. About ten persons joined the trip. This trip was a part of another way of togetherness in faith.
The sky still hide the sun. The bus was going at average speed. Three hours spent on the bus. Time became unusable but only creative and high vision person could use it wisely.
Thus, the destination reached. Fresh oxygen. Green. What an amazing view. Narrow and smooth road made it more little bit different. Welcome to another part of West Java. OK, no wasting time. Let make it useful.
I got a message from this trip. Simple analogy, if a balloon continously pressed all over time, it would explode for sure. We are just like the balloon. Pressure is part of our life. So we need a little tiny time to ensure the pressure are slowly loose. Overall, some moment just like when the oxygen is more pure than usual, eyes meet the condition when it reflects the nature properly. Those are the time when the balloon got loose.
07.42 WIB
Sudut kamar dengan cumulunimbus mengintai di langit kota hujan
2 pekan setelah kujungan ke Sukabumi, Jawa Barat
Tulisan ini adalah tantangan tersendiri bagi penulis yang sangat payah dalam berbahasa Inggris, oleh karena itu, penulis siap menerima kritik dan masukan.

4 pemikiran pada “Ruined Dew

  1. my english is bad too, haaha

    the important things when we'r goin to use english are be confident and practice again and again.
    as be honest, after study english for about 4 years, i do really LAZY to speak or write an english. :p

    ganbatte! <= japanese

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