[EF#2] Dream Pursuit


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It is so clichΓ© while saying, “my dream is as high as starts in the night sky“. Day by day have been passed and age doesn’t lie. In this age (so-called-adult age), why do we dream something that we sometimes don’t even know what it is.

I am the only boy in the family besides my dad, of course. All my siblings are girl. As the only one in the family, i took me to be more “careful” about what should i do in daily habit and in the future. My parents never complained about my education choice (school or college) as long as I can took good responsibility.

From this part, I feel so blessed. They did their part perfectly. *hug*

Now, life is getting more serious than it should be. My “university-life” will be over soon in few days, a systematic, measured, and structurized path must be made as soon as possible. But, how lucky I am! One of my friends has very bright idea. He told me to take “serious action” pursuing higher education degree by scholarship. He always said, “get your Ph.D soon and take it in far away from our country”. He added, “see you in Thames riverside, drink a cup of coffee, and discuss about Indonesia.”.

He was not kidding, nor being possessed by a genie. He told me that way because he did believe:

Education is the right way to raise dignity (family’s dignity, even nation’s dignity, much further: Islam’s dignity) and also to produce something useful for mankind.

I couldn’t agree more.

This post is listed to fulfill English Friday challenge by BEC (Blogger English Club) – week #2

26 pemikiran pada “[EF#2] Dream Pursuit

  1. I hope you can reach your wildest dream, Ardi! I like the idea of your friend saying, “See you in Thames riverside, drink a cup of coffee, and discuss about Indonesia.” It makes me imagining & I see it comes true πŸ™‚

  2. Salute.
    I also have a dream to have my LL.M and Ph.D degree abroad. I sincerely hope that our dreams could be fulfilled. Keep having faith in your dream, Bro, as I will do so.

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  4. Woow. Wishing you a smooth clear path towards your PhD. I’m still planning on to enroll for a master degree but still so many doubts myself. Great dream and thanks for joining the challenge! πŸ™‚

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