[EF#5] I Dare You, I Double Dare You

sumber: diylol.com

sumber: diylol.com

It has been 4 weeks since I joined Blogger English Club, a.k.a BEC. Unfortunately, I joined this amazing club on the 2nd round. For now,BEC has been reaching 5th round and this post is purposed to “fill” the 5th round.

Well, let me explain what BEC is. BEC is club of blogger that has a simple idea: to enhance English capability of its member. Currently, BEC consists of almost 100 bloggers. So can you imagine, how great the spread of that simple idea? The rule from the club is quite simple. You only need to post an article/essay/opinion at Friday.  After your post has been posted out every Friday, there will be 5 posts given by members  will be evaluated by mentors who called “grammar nazi”. Quite challenging, right? Yes, this is the unique part from BEC.

Honestly, until 5th round. I have not given my post to be evaluated. Despite of the high enthusiasm from the members to share their posts to be evaluated, I am not confident enough to share mine. Along with the lesson that has been learned every week, I am still collecting my confident and skill to develop a well-structured post.

And this post might not be a good one. LOL

By the way, BEC’s 5th round theme is “what is BEC to you?”. Well, I will answer it from 3 perspectives, which are impression, critic, and suggestion. So, here it goes:


There is a quote “we are newbie at first”. First time joining BEC, I felt my knowledge about English had been drained to zero. There are so many lessons, such as grammar, idioms, structure, expression, etc, that I had never known before. The mentors patiently explained and elaborated it. Every week, we as members, gained more knowledge about English and then would be practiced in the next Friday.

This system, however, is quite challenging. I always double-dare myself to write something up even though my writing ability is not good enough. Learning is a process and I believe joining BEC is a creative way to learn English.


To maintain the system, the BEC founding father, created virtual group on WhatsApp. There are two group. FIrst group is “BEC Learning Group” and second group is “Chitchat group”. Both of the groups has same rule: use English! but it has different function. First group is the main class to share and learn lesson from the Grammar Nazi. Simply, this group is formal class so it only takes three active times in a week: English class from mentors, post sharing, and post evaluating.

Second group, “chitchat group” is quite informal group. We talk everything there, in English for sure. Sometimes, the chats remarkably bomb the group due to the high enthusiasm from members. For they whom have “strong” phone performance, the outrageous number of chats is not a big deal but for another whom only have “limited perfomance” phone, the high amount of chats might slow the phone down. However, that outstanding chats from second group is showing that BEC is working-well.


In fact, the BEC members still remain a blogger. We consist of various genre of blogger. Instead of learning English on BEC, we should never forget our “natural state”. I mean, any weekly challenge from BEC will not make us distracted from our “duty” as blogger. For instance, I always try to write anything that supposed to be written in my blog while BEC’s challenge is ongoing.
But I also should thank to the BEC  if the club is the reason for someone to start writing.

Overall, BEC is awesome. I dare you, I double dare you to join us because this club is awesome.

this post is made to fulfill BEC’s weekly challenge

11 pemikiran pada “[EF#5] I Dare You, I Double Dare You

  1. Scary picture om. Hahaha

    I dare you to…. Ah never mind. You would double dare me afterward. Hehe.

    Thanks om for the suggestion and critic.

  2. Hi Ardi,

    There’s no need to wait until you can write a good post to have your piece reviewed 😊 Learning is a process and it helps to see where mistakes are made. I’ve taken the liberty to make some suggestions to your today:
    It has been 4 weeks since I joined NOW BEC IS ON ITS 5th round and this post is purposed to FULFILL THIS WEEK’S CHALLENGE.
    BEC is club of bloggerS WITH a simple idea to enhance THE English capability of its memberS. So you can imagine HOW THAT SIMPLE IDEA HAS SPREAD OUT.

    Simple and concise writing is the best way to go in my opinion. By the way, your ideas are well structured. I like it!

  3. D-don’t shoot me! :hihi
    Nice post! Your English is very good. Yes, I’m also very glad to know that BEC has improved my English ability a lot :hehe

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