[EF#6] Finding Alter Ego

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It has been Friday 13th (?) and BEC challenge is getting harder every single week. This week’s challenge, we, as members, are challenged to express about “alter ego”. I am not sure what alter ego is. General description said that alter ego is “the other self”. So, to clear this out, I read several essays  from Psychology Today and Health Guidance. Overall, the explanations were breathtaking.

Firstly, I read this article, Should You Follow Up? This article provided an “internal dialogue” between you as person and your alter ego. That dialogue showed that alter ego had a role to response any question or any curiousity from you as the actual person. All the response given are purposed to eliminate all doubt and negative feeling from you as actual person.

Next, I read another one, titled Will The Real Me Please Stand Up? This article is an example from a woman who live with her alter ego. She said that her alter ego are much alike in some value but the rest is different. Furthermore, she felt comfortable and suitable with the alter ego.

Last, I read a quite longer article from Health Guidance. This article technically described reasons why someone created alter ego. This article showed that alter ego  came in some circumstances: (1) They have not been able to do what they always wanted and (2) They need help from their alter ego to reach their goals. Overall, key from the article is “having an alter ego can be a beneficial but if the alter ego is more perfect then the actual self, it can result low self-esteem.”

Depending on those observation, I think I have a mysterious alter ego. Yes, this alter ego have helped me put so far but I hardly reconigzed it. He, my alter ego, sometimes support me in mysterious way yet I can not understand. Is he only a thought that come from my logic or the alter ego itself?. In addition, I take some positive advice from him and help me describe any kind of problem in very small pieces of detail. However, I deal with this circumstance but the third article I’ve read has warned to pay more attention. Do not let the alter ego drives you over. I agreed with it. Occasionally, when I feel stressed, I assumed that my alter ego ruined my self-esteem.

Yet I have not seen my alter ego’s manner. He still helps me in mysterious way. Would you like to help me find him? 😀


This post is purposed to fulfill BEC’s 6th round challenge

20 pemikiran pada “[EF#6] Finding Alter Ego

  1. Ah, low self-esteem is my old friend 🙂
    Wow, that’s cool, have a mysterious alter ego but he helps you in some occasions.

    • activity? hmm, my activity has been done in consciousness

      but if it is just an imagination or thought, I have one yet unidentified perfectly

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