[EF#9] Some Gathering, Please!

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I am not blogging enthusiast yet the famous one. I am just a man who wrote all messed things since 2009. Nothing more. Instead of being famous, I  just want to give something  useful using my text-composing-ability-via-blog. :mrgreen:

Along my blogging experience, I did never attend any-so-called “blogger meet-up” or “blogger gathering”. Firstly, I was not registered in any blogging club during 2009-2014. So I am like lone ranger blogger who never deal with any rule or code of conduct. Secondly, hmm, this one is hard to be admitted that I am not confident enough to gather. Moreover, I prefer listening instead of talking  if there is any meeting or gathering. :mrgreen:. Yes, I am not good communicator.

Well, due to the lack of experience and trying to answer this week’s challenge from BEC, I will write down something about my “ideal gathering”. Because we are talking about something ideal, make sure you are good enough to avoid throwing me a bottle :D.

Firstly, I will make myself as the speaker not the audience. LOL. This means I have to make some useful things, such as book, song, or anything. Why do I write those things up? Because I will be assuring that I am REALLY useful to mankind :p. Things that I made are widely and commonly appreciated. 😀

Secondly, the venue is near enough. When I say that I live in Bogor, people always associate it with Kebun Raya Bogor even Puncak. Let me tell you the truth, my hometown is Gunung Putri which is even closer to Southern Jakarta or Depok. But problem comes if I have to go to Central Jakarta. The traffic is horrible. I hate that thing because it stresses me up. So, I just want to make sure that the venue is accessible. 😀

Please, do not throw me a bottle nor say “boo” at me. :mrgreen:

17 pemikiran pada “[EF#9] Some Gathering, Please!

  1. I won’t throw a bottle to you but spirit so you can finish your books soon enough.

    I like the way you wrote. Each challenge, I always looking forward reading yours because of that.

    And for KRB, why don’t we go picnic there. Hehehe.

  2. That’s a good idea! I won’t throw you a bottle because of this post. I’ll give you a kind support instead. Hopefully I can join the ideal meet-up someday 🙂

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  4. Bogor… regency, not the city. So I think Margonda is a perfect place for someone who wants to meet you. But the botanical garden is a perfect place itself, too.
    Hm, but honestly, I didn’t expect that you’re a lone wolf :haha.

    • Those begals sure had changed everything. Not only in your case, but also in mine. Now I’ll think twice if I should ride motorcycle after 12 pm.
      No, I’m not. I’m just an average employee, that’s all :hehe.

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