[EF#10] Gado-Gado? Me Gusta


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Answering “what is your favorite food?” is just like answering “what is favorite song?”. It is not fair yet interchangeable. It is up to your mood and circumstances. If the weather is rainy, you will choose some kind of hot soup and if the weather is quite hot, avoid eating hot soup is a necessity, at least for me.

Well, in this post, I decide answering “gado-gado”. At the matter of fact, this answer depends at my “lunch statistic” during my university years. Yeah, gado-gado was my “most-wanted food”.

Gado-gado (or Lotek in some region) consists of vegetables, peanut sauce, and topped with crackers. The vegetables, however, are mostly boiled. For lunch, I usually added rice.

Do not ask about the nutrition fact because it seems healthy. Fiber? Check. Vitamins? Check. Protein? Check. Carbo? Check.

The price? Well, as long as you buy it at local foodcourt warung, it will not suffer your wallet. At this rate, I could eat affordable and healthy food for lunch in my university years without being worry about the price.

By the way, I missed gado-gado since my graduation. 😦

*me gusta is spanish expression for ” I like it”

This post is purposed to fulfill English Friday

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22 pemikiran pada “[EF#10] Gado-Gado? Me Gusta

  1. Gado-gado, it packs a lot of good and healthy ingredients with yummy taste. This is my favorite food when on diet. LOL. I eat my gado2 on its own or with some lontong but never with rice. I just find it awkward. Sorry people 😁

  2. Gado-gado is one of the most affordable dishes I could afford in my college years, too. Even now, the price is still quite cheap. And I just love when the seller adds extra krupuk on top of the paste–we usually called the krupuk as “krupuk wantek” because of its oddly bright color–but they are delicious, anyway :haha.

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