[EF#12] Live to Ride, Ride to Live

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It had been 8 years since my ride-called Juju-accompanied me for the first time. Juju was my motorcycle. Why “was”? Because currently it had been sold. Yep, after my graduation, Juju was sold because of its”age” and I will have a new one soon.

But first, I want to say some apology because I skipped last week’s challenge due to broken internet access. This week’s challenge is about transportation. It is hard to talk about transportation without mentioning Juju.

If there is a percentage about my transportation usage, it will show that I use motorcycle at most time. I rode Juju since high school until my bachelor graduation. Why did I mostly use motorcycle? Because my home is not accessible by nearest public transportation, so using motorcycle will be a perfect choice.

Then, there is a big gap in “economical aspect “between public transportation and self transportation. If I spend “X” a week by motorcycle, it only takes three days with same “X”. So, this reason is the most logical reason.

There is another question, “do not you feel tired riding a motorcycle?” The answer is surely yes, but this is the challenge that I have to accomplish. I ask you then, “what drives man to do something hard and challenging everyday?”

Dream? Yes, that is the answer. I believe so whenever I ride.

Live to ride

Ride to live :p

English Friday’s Challenge by BEC

18 pemikiran pada “[EF#12] Live to Ride, Ride to Live

  1. Juju…
    Must be sad day letting her go. Eh btw I have met Juju and he is a he. So Juju here is a he or she? *silly question no need to answer*

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