[EF#15] Some Games, Please!

source: deviantart

This week’s challenge asks me to express some opinion about my traditional games versus today’s games. Why do I explain about traditional games than childhood’s games? Because my childhood’s games are the traditional games themselves. Game, however, is a kind of method of having some fun and entertainment. Despite of the meaning of the game, there is plenty difference between childhood’s game versus today’s game. I slightly compare them by the social fact, cost, and moral story.

Traditional games are commonly constructed by a simple technology or even less-technology. There is no battery, cable, or game pad. As example, let us compare between Indonesian traditional game, called Galasin and today’s game, just like Point Blank (Online PC platform game). Galasin requires only a field and the players. The field is only badminton-sized field. If there is no badminton field, you can use a plain field or park and put some ashes from the incineration to create the line of badminton field. Next, the game is yours. Now, let us play Point Blank. You need PC. A powerful one to make sure that the game does not lag. Players? Mostly, the Point Blank players play in virtual world. These difference may imply that traditional games helps people to get some socialisation and it will end up as a good friendship. This chance of socialisation is less-available than the traditional game. Sometimes, this kind of game only makes you more individualist.

Secondly, cost. Traditional games require less-cost. It might be free sometimes. Today’s games? Yes, more money, more games. Cost, in other way, limits you to play. High cost game, like today’s game, only makes the game become segmented. Less-cost game? Let us have fun together.

Last part, moral story. Traditional games might teach us about competition and socialisation at very basic form. Today’s games might stimulate us to be more technology-savvy. Each of them have different moral story depending on what the player’s will have done after the games.

Overall, we can not avoid that traditional games is going to be “distinct” and replaced by the modern one. But we need only to understand that the reason of a game is a way to have fun and to entertain ourself. If we do not have more money, never hesitate to play a cheap game, like traditional game.

Ah, I miss traditional games so bad. 😦

Extra: I would like to share good song titled Hoppipola from an Icelandic band, Sigur Rós. I do not remember when I exactly understand this song but…umm…you know, it is all about childhood. The lyric might not be easy to be understood but you can feel the music and see the translation of the song.

You can see the song lyric and fact here: http://www.songfacts.com/detail.php?id=9229

If you do not want to watch or listen the song above, well, it is OK, just skip it. 😀

7 pemikiran pada “[EF#15] Some Games, Please!

  1. You nailed it again. Although I was confused at first par which you said why ….. Then reading the next sentences make me realize that is your opinion.

    Will check the video afterward.

  2. In many ways, traditional games are better. I miss my old days playing those games, too.
    And what is the game that is on the picture?

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