MEA vs Mixed Language



It is been a long time ago since I wrote something in English. No, I will not, I will not write something with mixed language between English and Indonesia in this post. Despite writing in mixed language, I’d rather write in one, only one language.

However, mixed language between English and Indonesia makes me confused. I have found someone who writes stuff with that way and he successfully “blows” my head.  Here is some example of mixed language:

Jangan lupa nanti malam kita menuju tempat wisata. Kita hire local guide dan jangan lupa dinner di tempat yang cozy. Don’t forget to bring some cash karena disana banyak jajanan kaki lima.

In my opinion, this phenomenon comes with two possibilities:

  • They do not know how to speak in appropriate circumstances, e.g. tourists who do not master local language yet, or
  • They who want to be counted as “modern/global person”

I can fully understand if tourist, in any universe, can not speak fluently  the local language. It is about skill that can be learned. I see a lot of “non-Indonesian” have fluent skill of speaking and writing in Indonesian after they have learned and spent their time in Indonesia.

But there is an anomaly with the second possibility. This possibility comes with an unconfident and less-knowledge act, I think. Nowadays, English is global communication tool. It does not mean you have to “poison” your native language, in my example: Indonesian with random sentences of English.

I have noticed that there is an exception and limitation with some language. As example, I can not find proper word from an English word: platform, so when I have to write something in Indonesian and there is no proper word that can be translated, I will barely put it instead find any synonym.

Being “global person” or welcoming MEA (Masyarakat Ekonomi ASEAN) does not mean you have to modify your native language in general. Choose wisely: write/speak in English directly or just speak/write it in fully Indonesian version.


AW, 23, heavy-duty learner

I am sorry if there is a lot of incorrect sentences

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