[EF#8] Battery

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Who will fix me now?
Dive in when I’m down
Save me from myself
Don’t let me drown!
~ Bring Me The Horizon – Drown

Dear younger me,

This week’s challenge insists me to look back at you. As person who planted “a seed” ten years ago, I have to thank you anyway but let me tell you what we have harvested (together). I stared at a dusty mirror this morning. I saw a skinny, tall, and mature face there but the eyes, however, were not lying. An old-saying said, “life is getting harder when you have realized but the price you paid is worth it”. The image at the mirror accepted that old saying except the eyes . The eyes rejected it. The maturity failed to defeat the eyes. It was still the same. Eyes which are lack of courage

Dear younger me,

Ten years are  just like a battery life. The power will drain out whether you use it or not. When you were 12 years old, the battery started to drain out and now I have to recharge it. If regular battery unit stated with “mAh”, our battery unit stated with “courage”.

Then, I have a choice, should I recharge it over and over again or replace it with a new one since it has reached ten years now?

Dear younger me,

As long as the experience goes, the courage is coming through. One day, we will meet again. I do not know if we will hold the same battery which we have at the moment or we will hold a bigger battery. I do not know.

This post is purposed to fulfill BEC’s English Friday Challenge.

11 pemikiran pada “[EF#8] Battery

  1. After reading this, I kind of asking myself the same question, too…
    Guess I have to just search for the answer. We don’t know where or when we will find it, but I know that the answer is exist somewhere, waiting to be found :hehe.

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