[EF#14] Why Always Patrick?

Patrick Star Gum

Patrick Star Gum

Knowledge can never replace a friendship, I’d rather be an idiot!

– Patrick Star

Patrick Star is a chubby and pinky sea-star, wearing green and floral pattern pants. He is also an ignorant, dumb, but he is rarely unpredictable. By the way, He is Patrick, no matter what! This character is one of the main casts of Spongebob Squarepants animation that is created by Marine Biologist, Stephen Hillenburg.

Patrick Star'

Patrick Star

I have been watching this animation series since I was a junior high school. Instead of Spongebob, I choose Patrick as the best character in the whole series. Patrick is Spongebob best friend who sometimes do awkward moments. But the moments that they have done are quite full of moral story.

Patrick Star

Patrick Star

Moral story from Patrick is all about misunderstanding. We always judge that dumb and fool person is useless and helpless. But person like Patrick is kind of a best-friend who never disappoint you in any price. He might be ignorant, selfless, careless (of himself), but he will never put his best-friend in danger or at least he will accompany you in any situation, even in very awkward and foolish situation.

Why Patrick is always be Patrick? Because He is Patrick. :p

Patrick Star

Patrick Star

This post is created to fulfill BEC’s weekly challenge

17 pemikiran pada “[EF#14] Why Always Patrick?

  1. I still wondering how the Spongebob’s creature can find a very uniquely character just like Patrick. Haha. Patrick stupidity always make me laugh because he is too honest and innocent πŸ˜€

  2. Patrick is a friend, in a most true way. Sometimes he’s dumb and annoying–but aren’t that what true friend’s for? To keep you insane in a too-sane world? :haha.

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